This page highlights some of the most recent products of Bridging the Gap.  Products posted here are compiled across all of our research projects and initiatives. In order to see a more complete list of research briefs, monographs, journal articles, etc., click on one of the page links above or one of the "View More" links below.

Research Briefs

Land Use Physical Activity Brief

Bridging the Gap launched a research brief series to share quick and concise research results, as well as policy implications, on a range of topics.  These briefs report on findings from all of our data collection and analysis activities, including those examining state laws, local policies, community built environments, school practices, and more.

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Monographs and Other Major Reports

Bridging the Gap's monographs, chartbooks, and other major reports provide comprehensive data and illustrate trends and disparities in health-related policies, practices, and environments nationwide.

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Journal Articles

Nicholson L, Turner L, Chriqui JF, Chaloupka FJ. State farm-to-school laws influence the availability of fruits and vegetables in school lunches at U.S. public elementary schools. J School Health. 2014 [Epub ahead of print] [View abstract]

Hood NE, Turner L, Colabianchi N, Chaloupka FJ, Johnston LD. Availability of drinking water in U.S. public school cafeterias. J Acad Nutr Diet. 2014 [Epub ahead of print] [View abstract]

Powell LM, Wada R, Persky JJ, Chaloupka FJ. Employment impact of sugar-sweetened beverage taxes. Am J Public Health. 2014 [Epub ahead of print] [View abstract]

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Chriqui J. Bridging the Gap State Laws on Snack Foods and Beverages Interactive Website. Webinar presentation; February 4, 2014. [View pdf]

Slater S, Quinn C, Chaloupka FJ, Johnston L. The impact of street advertising on physical activity, sedentary behavior and weight among youth. Presented at Bridging the Gap Symposium: Exploring Environmental and Local Policy Determinants of Obesity among Youth; Obesity Society Annual Conference; November 14, 2013; Atlanta, GA. [View pdf]

Rimkus L, Powell LM, Isgor Z, Barker DC, Chaloupka FJ. Prevalence and extent of volume discounts in US fast-food restaurants. Presented at: The American Public Health Association Annual Meeting; November 5, 2013; Boston, MA. [View pdf]

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Fact Sheets and Other Resources

Bassler EJ, Chriqui JF, Stagg K, Schneider LM, Infusino K, Asada Y. Controlling junk food and the bottom line: case studies of schools successfully implementing strong nutrition standards for competitive foods and beverages. Illinois Public Health Inst. 2013. [View Report]

2014 State Soda Tax Map

Download a map showing sales tax rates for regular, sugar-sweetened soda in each state

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2014 State-by-State Soda Tax Rates

See a summary of the latest sales tax rates for regular, sugar-sweetened soda in each state

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